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Pocket Range

1200 Pocket

Pocket 1200

Our ever-popular Pocket 1200 is the best selling Pocket mattress in the Pocket Collection. It offers the ideal combination of comfort and support so you get a good night’s sleep. Includes our RespaForm Pocket spring system which allows for greater distribution of body weight and added comfort. Featuring Sleepfresh Technology with ActiPro a 100% natural probiotic which contains anti-allergen properties stopping dust mites and bacteria in their tracks, so you get the most hygienic, fresh and clean sleep possible.

1400 Pocket

Pocket 1400

Our Pocket 1400 ensures a supportive nights sleep with a medium firmness rating plus the benefits of pressure point relief and spinal alignment through added memory foam. The RespaForm Pocket spring system allows for greater distribution of body weight for added comfort. Sleepfresh Technology with ActiPro a 100% natural probiotic is used in the mattress for allergen control preventing dust mites and bacteria growth, giving you the cleanest, freshest nights sleep.

Pocket 1600

This mattress features our RespaForm Pocket spring system, along with a sumptuous layer of zoned natural latex offering a unique balance of soft comfort and pressure point support. An added benefit is that Natural latex is also dust mite, mildew, and mould resistant. Sleepfresh Technology with a 100% natural probiotic makes this mattress one of the cleanest, freshest sleep you can get. 3D Airflow Technology with a unique mesh side border adds airflow and breathability to this mattress. This enables maximum airflow, reduces the build-up of moisture and regulates the surface temperature so you get a good night’s sleep. 

Classic Range



Traditionally quilted with a knitted soft touch fabric the Calypso features the RespaTech Ortho spring system 12.5 gauges offering superb comfort and support. With an overall medium – soft rating measuring 29cm in height. Edge to edge support frames adds to the overall structure and durability of the mattress. This is a non-turn mattress.

Ortho Range


Posture Care

Our RespaTech Ortho spring is 12.5 gauge and offers medium support with an edge to edge support frame included. Ideal for keeping spinal alignment and correct posture while sleeping. 3D Airflow Technology along with side air vents makes this mattress highly breathable by maximizing airflow. Keeping you nice and cool. Turning is recommended for this mattress which is 28cm in height and finished in a plush knitted soft touch fabric for extra comfort.

Serenity Range

1000 Visco


Introducing a new model to the Serenity Collection the Visco 1000 featuring our RespaForm Pocket spring system with individually pocketed springs for ultimate support, allowing individual movement without roll off. Sleepfresh Technology brings the newest natural anti-allergen innovations with ActiPro a natural probiotic keeping away dust mites, bacteria, and odours giving you a refreshing night’s sleep. With an overall rating of medium – soft with sumptuous layers of memory foam and reflex foam relieving pressure points and helping with spinal alignment without the loss of comfort or support.


Our Respa Marquis features our RespaTech Ortho Open-coil 12.5 gauge Spring system and Sleepfresh Technology which creates an ideal sleeping climate obtained through the use of Purotex.

Faith & Ethan Collection


The Faith & Ethan Backcare 6 ft Mattress is an excellent combination of support and comfort. The Faith & Ethan Backcare mattress is also bonnel sprung which provides superior support and features a quilted top giving extra comfort.


The Faith & Ethan Amalfi mattress is oft touch, luxury knitted fabric covering.

It’s features includes
  • 1000 Pocket springs
  • High density antibacterial PU foam
  • Non Turn, but regularly rotate mattress
  • High foam encased interior for a strong stable surface.

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